Recent trends in storytelling

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Recent trends in storytelling

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life One day however a small line of blind text by the name of Lorem Ipsum decided to leave for the far World of Grammar.

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life One day however a small line of blind text by the name of Lorem Ipsum decided to leave for the far World of Grammar. The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks and devious Semikoli, but the Little Blind Text didn’t listen.

  • Keyanna
    Posted at 12:25h, 07 noviembre

    A prtvacooive insight! Just what we need!

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    Posted at 17:36h, 07 noviembre

    What a fabulous card you have made for a little boy. I love the sentiment inside, great work all round. Your colouring of the image is brilliant. Thank you for sharing with us at Lady Anne's. I hope we see you again.Love ~ Lady Anne xx

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    Posted at 18:42h, 07 noviembre

    renato pascoal disse:eu gosto muito da area da saúde e comessei a faser grauação em enfermagem neste ano . mas eu não sei se é realmente o que eu quero . ai fica uma duvida sera que eu vou gostar?quem pode me ajudar a responder esta pergunta?

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    Skal si du er flink til Ã¥ masseprodusere! Regner med at du skal ha julesalg av en eller annen sort. Jeg gir fort opp slike ting, hvis jeg hadde sydd en slik toalettmappe, hadde jeg vært ferdig med det. De er sÃ¥ flotte! …og takk for hyggelig besøk hos meg!

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    Posted at 18:54h, 07 noviembre

    En stickring har jag också varit sugen på att testa.. Jag är ju lite stickhandikappad men det sägs att de ska vara lättare ;)Och rutiner kan ju vara sköna ibland, men jag förstår dina känslor. Ha en fin fredag! kram

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    Posted at 19:32h, 07 noviembre

    Toller Artikel, leider wird das Thema viel zu selten ernst genommen und nur wenige Frauen und Mädchen gehen regelmäßig zu den Vorsorgeterminen – dabei ist Vorsorge bereits die halbe Miete!

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    Posted at 20:07h, 07 noviembre

    Jessica Scaléa disse:Lina,Você sabe se pode embarcar normalmente com esse “sabre contemporâneo” ou se existe alguma restrição na alfandega aqui e/ou com a polícia federal aí?

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    ..ich denke wir sehen uns..hab schon einige Male mit Andreas und seinen Jungs zusammen gearbeitet und viele alte Geschichten von Dir gehört.. ))Viele Grüße an meine Familie, besonders an mein Patenkind Niklas.. ))

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    Freunde von mir, die sich den Film “gegönnt” haben, sind der Meinung, daß gegen “Virus Undead” sogar Andreas Schnaas’ “Zombie ’90″ gut ist…Ausserdem: Low-Budget, Schmo-Budget, das verzeiht keinen Dilettantismus. Und der Film ist auf 35mm gedreht, mit professionellem Stunt Team, da steckt schon Geld drin.

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    Posted at 22:52h, 07 noviembre

    Hi Amanda!…….a big thank you for a really cock stiffening performance tonight ……….I don’t know how you do it babe, but as long as you keep doing it like that….my fuckin cock will never lie down for long Lots of love to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tony MrT

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    nahodyas Stra?e Shady , spuckte ich auf dem treffend beobachten, dass Arcadia und erinnerte sich , dass es in der Nahe Polizeirevier. lief er ein Cafe in der alten Odessa, holte ich mit dieser Rente Luxus-Apartments im Preis! Dann ging ich in ein Funf -Zimmer-Wohnung mit dem Krim- Klima -System nicht funktioniert und Lugansk Appliances.

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    Jutta, in Titanic spielte er, was er eben herausholen konnte aus der Rolle. AT, Tilda finde ich auch eine sehr gute Schauspielerin, hast du "Julia" gesehen, wo sie eine Alkoholikerin spielt? Sehr beeindruckend.Maren, danke, inzwischen hat sich die Situation ein wenig entschärft, ja, sie versucht, mit ihrem Chef etwas anders umzugehen, und mal sehen, wie das auf lange Dauer wirkt :-).

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    Posted at 07:13h, 08 noviembre

    Siena is in the Northeast, Drago stopped 31 the 2nd game and Miami is not in the MACH or even the TSCHL.I feel bad for always coming on here and pointing out mistakes, you do a great job every week. Always appreciated.

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    Posted at 07:15h, 08 noviembre

    AlltsÃ¥ vad är du för jävla troll? Skämtar du eller har du krypit fram ur nÃ¥gon urtidshÃ¥la? “som ett tecken frÃ¥n ovan” va i helvete menar du med det, att nÃ¥n gubbfan uppe bland molnen tycker hon inte ska ha barn för hon tycker att folk ska fÃ¥ ha sina egna sexpreferenser utan att folk ska lägga näsan i dom? LÃ¥gt även för ett troll

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    Posted at 09:08h, 08 noviembre

    ABSOLUTELY a boy thing. The Dude so wants to play this with his big sister but she ain’t having it.I love that your boys have each other to play with.

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    Posted at 09:20h, 08 noviembre

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new award! Stay warm and safe inside, away from all the slippery snow. We’ve got the white stuff here, too. Not a lot but all the schools were closed. Think it might be icy. I’ll check that out this afternoon. purrs

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    Posted at 11:06h, 08 noviembre

    Okay, so I went ahead and added the 5 Tablespoons, chilled it for 3 hours, and now the dough is so crumbly, I can't roll it. Also–your recipe calls for maple syrup, but then in the instructions, doesn't mention it again. Does it indeed belong in the dough? Any tips at this point? I am going to leave it out, in hopes that the coconut oil will soften a little…

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    i got a candy bar from a new company to try and some hand cream. by the way thank you for sending me all these great instant win and giveaways link via Facebook you rock. now if only i could win a visa card i'n be happy

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    Boa tarde!! Gostaria de saber qdo devo começar a pílula, pois comecei no dia errado,sem estar menstruada e qdo acabou a cartela minha menstruação veio,devo tomar a outra cartela no primeiro dia,hoje ou esperar ou 7 dias? Obrigada

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    Revelations 69 – There is one flaw in that article that is a little misleading. The upper limit is never more than 100%. Using the Millburn example of 104%, on reading you would think that if your house were assessed at 103% of value that you would lose an appeal. That is false. The state’s documentation explicitly states that “RATIOS IN EXCESS OF 100% ARE TO BE CONSIDERED AT 100%”In fact if you are marginally overassessed in Millburn, it is a very attractive time to appeal. If your appeal is successful, instead of reducing your assessment to 100% of market value, you would reduce the assessment to 90.54%.

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    Boa tarde, minha ultima menstruação veio no dia 15/09, fiz o exame de sangue e deu resultado superior a 10 UI/ml. mais estou com duvida se realmente estou grávida ou não. aguardo resposta. obrigada

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    Posted at 18:05h, 08 noviembre

    I LOVE that enamel bucket! That tree looks adorable! The whole room is so cute and welcoming, those ticking sheets are great! lots of inspiration here, thanks!Jenna

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    Posted at 20:58h, 08 noviembre

    ma a me non sorprende questa notizia, si vedeva venire. Adesso Raul sará felice di avere le spalle protette,,,,anche si i russi non sono li stessi di una volta le ragione di un “nemico comune” gli unisce una altra volta. Penso i Russi vogliono solo fare capire che anche loro possono aviccinarci e usano a Cuba di esca……saluti

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    Posted at 21:39h, 08 noviembre

    Greg:I guess you missed out on the last five years of peak oil debate :-) Not quite sure where to start to catch you up. You might try searching for "Saudi Arabia" on The Oil Drum with a particular focus on the 2006/2007 timeframe, and on pieces by Euan Mearns, myself, and Joules Burn.

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    Posted at 21:52h, 08 noviembre

    Sweet cards Becky. I love your style, very understated and organic. So anxious to see your full stamp set, I can see many possibilities here.

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    Posted at 22:21h, 08 noviembre

    The recommendations you have given here are really priceless. It was such an exciting surprise to get that awaiting me when I woke up today. They are often to the point as well as simple to interpret. Thank you so much for the thoughtful ideas you’ve shared right here.

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    Prachtig artikel. Ik ben zelf niet plus size, maar mijn vriend is en hij heeft geen probleem met zijn lichaam alleen dat het gezondheid problemen met zich meebrengt. Hij heeft zichzelf geaccepteerd zoals hij is en dat maakt hem een prachtig en mooi persoon en dat straalt hij ook uit. God, ik word er zelfs emotioneel van.

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    Posted at 23:37h, 08 noviembre

    Well here’s another clear victory for the 360. Man the score is really lop sided LOL. Let’s see 5 years in, 360 only has dvd9, no hdd, and is still kicking the internet ready, over priced, hacked, game machine impersonating blu ray player ps3′s ass. LOLIt’s just too funny really.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

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    Posted at 03:32h, 09 noviembre

    Awesome post Nanette, I usually include a small gift with my orders around Christmas time, but this year, I think I will work on something more personal, maybe handwritten.Carla recently posted..

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    Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the MrPlayerism2 YouTube channel!Rapid firing the latest game news, trailers, screens and art that true players don’t wanna miss out on.

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    Ag Sis, it’s gotta be SO confusing. Ask Damien what he wants you to do. Maybe he wants to talk to him alone too. Maybe you can go with him and help with the initial “ice-breaker” between them. I think it would be easier on YOU if you didn’t have to sit through the entire visit aswell. Strongs, thinking of you. Love you!.-= Brigitte´s last blog .. =-.

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    279c23aksenija:936c2b4Я имела в виду, что в народных сказках отражаются быт и культура других народов. Ребёнок начинает задавать вопросы и больше узнаёт о жизни других народов. Особенно, если иллюстрации хорошие. У меня есть книга «ÃÂšÃÂ¸Ã‘€Ð³Ð¸Ð·ÑÐºÐ¸Ðµ сказки», я ее в детстве обожала. Там столько национального колорита — само собой складывается положительное отношение к всему киргизскому народу.19cbbb

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    Hoy en día ya nos pueden meter gato por liebre en todas partes, porque sobre todo en el caso de la comida precocinada los productores introducen tanta sal, azucares y especias que ya resulta imposible distinguir lo que uno está comiendo. Es una pena. Uno de los efectos secundarios indeseados del progreso.Vota el comentario: 2  2

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    Dette var en fin reportasje, jeg følte nesten at jeg var med deg. Ã… føle seg hjemme er fint, jeg tror at man "er hjemme" nÃ¥r man trives og slapper av. Jeg kunne nok vært hjemme overalt, tror jeg. Kanskje handler det mest om Ã¥ trives med seg selv? En liten fattigjente sa en gang: "Vi har et hjem, men vi har ikke noe hus Ã¥ ha det i". Kos deg i leiligheten – jeg kommer innom hvis du skriver mer.

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    Posted at 10:42h, 09 noviembre

    , "I am just naive enough to have wanted it all to be real". I am so embarrassed to admit that it wasn't until recently (prolly about the time I found this blog) that I thought reality shows like the HW's on BRAVO were real. Now that its been pointed out…its soooo obvious and yet it never dawned on me that most scenes were staged. I am addicted to the HW's franchise and hope BRAVO continues to find more HW's to do stories on. *hangs head in shame that i didn't know the show wasn't real*

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    Posted at 12:36h, 09 noviembre

    Enfin une bonne explication! Je vais essayer, mais comme c’est écrit en haut, elle se relève immédiatement, mais avec de la patience elle saura le faire aussi, même si c’est que pour avoir une friandise ^^

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    This is a fucking great post.===================================================Whoever gave the OK for that news to break at this critical time needs to be flown to Haiti and forced to clear out dead bodies from the rubble.===================================================Red Cross just doesn’t want anyone cutting into their action lol.^ that, that, & that

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    Hallo,ja das ist die Auflösung für das iPhone 3gs. Wenn man eine App entwickelt muss man immer auch einplanen, dass sie auf einem älteren Gerät gestartet wird. Auf einem iphone 4(s) kann man die App auch mit schlechterer Auflösung benutzen, andersrum geht das nicht. Wenn man also eine App mit vielen Bildern (ein Spiel oder ähnliches) entwickelt, muss man tatsächlich die Bilder für beide Auflösungen zur Verfügung stellen.GrüßeFelix

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    dit :En effet c’est possible, mais plusieurs disait la même chose pour l’Irak et les américains ont rentré en Irak très facilement.C'était surtout des anti-guerre qui tenait ce genre de discours.Mais pour le Japon, on n'a besoin que de se rappeler ce qui est arrivé lors de la bataille d'Okinawa: plus de 200 000 morts pour prendre une ile minuscule !

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    disse:Hey garota… new lay ham??Ficou legal ein!!Gostei ^^eu comecei a ver true blood e nao gostei.. =/Tah.. eu nao vi nem o primeiro episodio completo… rsmas vi logo de cara q nao fazia meu estilo =S=) To vendo aos pokinhos, pelo celu, na vdd, the vampire diaries… ou seja…. so pra qdo tiver em algum lugar sem ter o q fazer… rsrsBeijos =)

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    c1ceFantastic items from you, guy. We’ve realize your stuff previous to and you’re just particularly magnificent. I truly like what you have acquired right here, genuinely like what you are stating as well as the way during which you say it. You allow it to be satisfying therefore you nevertheless deal with to maintain it sensible. I cannot wait to study a lot much more from you. This can be really a terrific website.a616

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    There was no need to think again the Adam’s age for understanding that R1b1b2 might be Palaeolithic. I am saying from many years that the calculations made by everybody except me are wrong, because they don’t take in consideration the mutations around the modal. See a post of mine on Worldfamilies, unfortunately Dienekes didn’t let pass here: there are “three dozen” SNPs between R1b1b and R1b1b2 and they can have been cumulated only in a long period of time and in isolation: the LGM better than the Younger Dryas as I was thinking.

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    Posted at 20:32h, 09 noviembre

    I wasn’t expecting to find so many odd inventions. Glad I came across top 10 most bizarre inventions, I guess. That hovercraft seems so much fun. But sleep helmet, lap pillow, manhole bags, wtf? What’s up with these?

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    Cirikovicmit ein paar Tagen Verspätung, sorry. Aber anscheinend ist das Entscheidende immer noch nicht angekommen.Auch wenn die Zitate möglicherweise etwas willkürlich ausgewählt wurden – es sind Zitate! Es ist nicht die Einschätzung von Marc Pitzke selbst! ABer das wird im Ausgangsposting überhaupt nicht kenntlich gemacht!

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    Tot de la politicieni pleaca si avansarile din armata. Avea dreptate Basescu: sa nu mai asculte functionarii ordinele ilegale ale politicienilor, altfel vor fi sanctionati mai sever decat acestia. Asa a patit si Nastase, asa vor pati toti. Pacat de armata romana, se decredibilizeaza cu Kovesi pe post de colonel. In aceeasi nota de umor, propun si eu pentru avansare pe veverita din Epoca de gheata.

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    I’ve always found it interesting that people on the left, which claim to be all for peace, are always the first to resort to violence when they can’t win a discussion. Keep up the good work CW.

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    Posted at 23:17h, 09 noviembre

    I have this one and I have tried to read it but I never made it to book two part. I hated how the dea with the baby, it made me to sad and mad to continue. I am glad you followed through to the end with it. Great review.

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    Posted at 01:40h, 10 noviembre

    Cara Dra. Suzana,Considero este post uma justa homenagem ao Prof. Hermano Saraiva, que soube com inteligência e simpatia ensinar a História de Portugal, comunicando, aproveitando naturalmente os recursos poderosíssimos da televisão. Daí, o seu mediatismo na vida e na morte a fazer o país lamentar a sua perda, sem contudo querer dizer com isto que o seu passado e a sua obra, só por si, não perdurem através da memória…

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    Niin, meilläkään ei ole mikroa koskaan omaan kämppää hankittu eikä hankita. Emmekä muuallakaan, esim. töissä, mikrota ruokaamme. Mieluummin vaikka sitten kylmänä. Mikrottaminen on vaan jotenkin niin epäilyttävää puuhaa, ja usein ruuasta tulee joka tapauksessa nihkeää ja pahaa jos sen mikrottaa.

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    m’étonne que vous évoquiez le cas de Chantal Sebire qui illustre les limites de la loi Léonetti. Cette femme meurtrie voulait être aidée pour mourir, la loi ne le permettait pas elle s’est suicidée. Alors faut-il laisser la loi en l’état ?Ceci dit, je n’ai pas de connaissance sur le sujet et comprends les problèmes moraux posés c’est pourquoi l’idée d’un débat contradictoire me semble bonne.

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    Hi Joel,You might not remember me, we used to be fans of wigan together back in the old country, a long long time ago…. how times have changed!i enjoyed reading your post here… i am insanly jelious…. wigan looks like a classy town!good luck with the rest of your travels…From Jaynaldo.

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    You are one of the luckiest girls alive (not to imply you don't deserve it, because you totally do). And not just in the bf department! While I'm not as avid a blogger as you, it is weird when your personal life and blog life intersect. I'm still uncomfortable sharing my blog with my bf, let alone having him watch me take photos for it– and he's the one asking to be there!

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    J’ai reçu votre mail la semaine dernière concernant mon gain, le Macbook Air !! Mille merci encore une foisSavez vous dans combien de temps vais-je recevoir mon lot ? Bonne journée

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    Bærre lekker! Skal maile bildene til deg, bare jeg får tilbake kamera.. håper ikke Diana har latt det ligge ute i regnet!Klem Bridjet :o)

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    I saw a fireball, or meteor on november 25th 2012 in Lehigh Acres Florida. It was at about 5:45 pm and it was INCREDIBLE! I have never seen anything like it and have been searching the internet to see if I was the only one! It started out as a large red ball of fire and by the time I called my sister to tell her to go outside, it seperated into two smaller pieces. I am regreful that I didn’t take a picture because I have never seen anything like it!

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    Unser Sohn hat heute diesen Traktor samt Anbauteile 7070 zum Geburtstag bekommen. Wie baut man diesen Adapter. So ist das Zubehör ja sinnlos.DankeAntworten

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    This is the same way i feel toward wrestling. The workouts were painful, but when the workout is over with, you feel better than ever. I will never forget all the jokes about our “tights.” they never bothered me near as much as others but its very similar with the short shorts. Either way, its all about the passion you have with the sport you love.

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    Go Ashley! You Super Maven you! We’re so proud you! It’s amazing how putting yourself out there really is a way of setting your intention and bringing new things your way! Keep up the good work!! – Jen

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    t’inquiète je dis aussi ce que je ressens dans mes commentaires alors je ne risque pas de prendre mal la critique !! Je suis contente quand elles (mes photos) interpellent en bien ou en choses à retravailler et puis tu as raison, une photo peu plaire à certains et pas à d’autres ! c’est rare de faire l’unanimité sinon on en vivrait quasi ^^ Répondre

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    "Oh, wow" and smiles when he's eating fried cow dung…you know….THAT show…And he was eating an armadillo the kids had caught in the alley. I wondered at the time if he knew about the leprosy thing.

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    Gostaria que o programa de Cardint (BROCA PESADA) passa -se na net tm . parabéns pelo livro. Sou Recife e estou em Corumbá -ms. sinto falta do programa que mostra tudo o que acontece.

    Posted at 01:49h, 11 noviembre

    wannabe: vero! E' lo stesso stile.@ Friedenlinde: aah spero anch'io che tornerai a tiptappare! E' così divertente!I personaggi al limite dell'incredibile, è esattamente questo! A me appunto piacciono molto i film con personaggi al limite dell'incredibile: hai visto qualche Hal Hartley? Non c'entra con Wes Anderson, ma c'è questa assurdità bellissima nei personnaggi.Non mi parlare del cappottino con mantellina!!!

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    A buttercream made with bananas? That makes it so healthy, really health food!!! How did you have the willpower to give the rest away?? Wish I lived nearby, I would be begging all the time!

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    Response from :  I can’t wait for ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ to come out here… it looks great. Oh, and popcorn and soda would be about the same price in Norwegian cinemas. That’s why I never buy sweets at the cinema… I just sneak some in with me instead!Ariella’s last blog post..

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    Philip, In answer to your question “Whatever side you were on, did you not feel alienated? Unwelcomed? That you are bigot?” Not at all. I found the whole thing fascinating and delicious. My friend Jim Henderson has a saying that touches on what you are writing about: When people like each other the rules change. As someone who is in some sense officially an alien, an American living in Australia, I think laughter helps a lot. Laughing at myself, and my relatively strange, to the natives, alien ways. laughing at the inevitable faux pas, at the difference, etc. =)

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    funny how all candidates talked about how bad nov 9 was, but Honest was the only one of them who actually got beat that day. they are all frauds. vote SDU!

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    i was at the Echoplex show. they were great as usual. actually ‘great’ doesn’t cut it. they were mesmerizing; psychedelic; cult inspiring; off the wall; therapy inducing; 9th dimensional wall of sound.

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    Ooooh they're sort of like little apple fritters then? I'm on board with that! I HEART "No Reservations" and have just recently discovered it. I may never watch Food Network again! I love when he makes fun of them!

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